The Film Crew

Stefan Mandersloot. Photographer, film maker and musician. Recently created the musicvideo for hitsingle ‘Sky On Fire’ from the Dutch band ‘Handsome Poets’, a teaser for the Shorts programme of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014 and has won the ‘NTR Mediaprijs 2013’, a Dutch talent award. Music has always been a driving force in his work.

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Tjeerd Melchers discovered his ambition for film on a young age. He started as an actor in the trilogy of Will Wisskinks’ ” My dad’s a Detective” . Currently Film student at the Willem de Kooning Academy. As well, a trained musician, he won the sound track city competition with his “fairy walk” audio track.

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Sid Duit is a passionate filmmaker with an intense musical interest. This passion for music shines through in many of his projects, the most recent being the short film ‘La Conversation’. Although his style is experimental, he always keeps an eye out for things that are aesthetically pleasing.

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